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How Cookie Keeper prolongs custom cookies?

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The ability to prolong custom cookies using Cookie Keeper is available for Business (and higher) plan users. You only need one thing to do: activate our power-up Cookie Keeper.

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You can find the list of standard cookies that Cookie Keeper prolongs here:

How it works:


1. Add cookie name and expiration time in days. 

2. The cookie keeper will always restore the specified cookies when the expiration time is set to auto.

3. It remembers each user's unique ID. This "master cookie" fits with all ITP regulations and is kept on your website as a first-party cookie.

4. If any marketing cookies (for example, Google Analytics, Google Ads, TikTok, Facebook, or Stape) are missing or destroyed, the Cookie Keeper will restore these cookies using the master cookie's information.


You can read more in our blog on how to increase first-party cookie lifetime set by a third-party IP (Safari 16.4 and ITP update).

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