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Why does Conversions API Gateway not see my events?

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The Conversion API Gateway relies on Facebook web pixel events to initiate server events. Here are some explanations for why Conversion API Gateway events could be absent from the CAPIG hub or Facebook Events Manager:

  • Facebook web pixel is not added to your website.
  • You did not connect the Facebook pixel inside the CAPIG hub.
  • Facebook web pixel does not send all web pixel events you expect to see in the CAPIG hub.
  • You are using a third-party CAPIG integration. For example, a WordPress plugin or Shopify app that sends events to the Facebook server. In some cases, if you disabled CAPIG integration through the third-party app, you need to redeploy FB pixel to make CAPIG integration work.
  • Typically, it may take up to 30 minutes for events to appear in the CAPIG hub once you've linked your pixel to the CAPIG hub.

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