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How to add a client to your Agency account

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There are several ways to add a client to your agency account:

  • You can add a client by clicking Create sub account.

You will be able to create an account on Stape for the client.


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  • You can add an existing user by clicking Add user.

Please notice that can add accounts not older than 7 days and who are not linked to other affiliates. To add user to your agency account, please fill clients login email and the name of one of the existing containers to verify the request.


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  • You can add clients using your referral link:

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The user should click on it and press on "Login & Sign Up" button on the top right. 

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The only thing left to do is to Sign up with the email and choose a password. The client will automatically appear in the dashboard.


  • Write to Send the user's email + container and we will add the user manually, if the user registered on Stape not longer than 7 days ago.

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