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JSON HTTP request

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JSON HTTP request tag sends a POST request to your URL with a JSON body with all event data that came to the GTM client. You can also add your custom request headers and data.


Destination URL. Add URL to which you want to send data.

Include in the body all Event Data. When enabled, the tag will send all information from the event data. 

Do not use dot notation. By default, you can use dot notation to create a nested request object. But in case you need to create a property that contains a dot then you can use this option for that.

Request Data. Add request property and value that you want to send in request data. 

Request Headers. Add request header name and value either using constant or variable. 

Additional Options:

  • Request Method. Select POST or PUT
  • Request Timeout. Set request timeout in seconds.
  • Use flatten keys. If checked, all nested objects will flatten with "_" and symbol "-" changed to "_" in keys.


Use Cases:

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