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Hubspot tag for the serverGTM server communicates directly with the HubSpot APIcontainer and allows creating new contacts in HubSpot, updating existing contacts, track custom behavioral events.



  • Track Page View (Beta)
  • Track Custom Behavioral Event
  • Create or update a contact


API Key. You can find your API key in account settings.

Account ID. Add your Hubspot account ID.

Email. Add user email.

Custom Behavioral Event Parameters.

  • Event Name. Add the Internal name of the HubSpot event to trigger.
  • utk. Add user token.
  • Object ID. It could be a contact id or a visitor id. 
  • Occurred At. The time when this event occurred (if any). If this isn't set, the tag will use the current time.
  • Properties. Add any property name and value using constant or variable.


Use Cases:

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