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TikTok Events API

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TikTok events API tag for the server GTM allows setting up TikTok Events (Conversion) API. You can use server-side Universal Analytics, GA4, Data Client to set up TikTok events API. Use this tag to track server conversion events, collect custom audiences, dynamic product ads, campaigns optimization. TikTok doesn't support event deduplication, meaning that you should track events either from the server or web. 


Event Name. Select from the list of standard events that you want to track.

Access Token. Add your TikTok API Access Token using variable or constant. Follow this guide on creating Access Token.

TikTok Pixel ID. Add your pixel ID using variable or constant.

Test Event Code. If you want to test event tracking, you can use this field to specify a test code. If the event is received on the TikTok side, this test code will display in the Test Events tab of the Pixel in the TikTok Ads Manager.

Server Event Data Override. Use this section to add Event ID, Referer, timestamp, URL. 

User Data. Add client IP, client user-agent, email, external ID, phone, ttclid. Tag automatically hashes user data.  

Properties. Use this section to add content, currency, description, query, value

Use cases:


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