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Facebook CAPI

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Use this tag to set up Facebook Conversion API in the server GTM container. FB CAPI tag can inherit data from any client, or you can select an override method and set up each event, event parameters, and user parameters manually. 

Event Name Setup Method:

  • Override. With this method, you can set up each event manually. Select from the list of Facebook standard events or use a custom event name. 
  • Inherit from the client. In this case, the FB CAPI tag will inherit data from any client that triggers this tag. 

API Access Token. Add your Facebook API Access Token using variable or static value. How to find FB Acess Token.

Facebook Pixel ID. Add your Facebook pixel ID using variable or static value. 

Test ID. Add a Test ID if you want to see Facebook server-side events in the Facebook event testing tool. You can follow this guide on setting up FB test ID

Server Event Data Override. FB CAPI tag automatically adds action source, data processing options, data processing options, country, data processing options state, event time, Opt-out, Source URL. You can choose to override this data. Use this field to add event ID. 

User Data. Use this section to add user data to the event. 

Custom Data. Use this section to add any custom data to the event.

Use Cases:


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