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Data Client

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Data Client retrieves data from the request sent to the configured path. 



Priority - determines the order in which clients will run. Higher numbers run first, and the first client that matches the incoming request will become the active client for that request.


Expose FPID Cookie - If enabled, Data Client duplicates FPID cookie to FPIDP cookie and makes it accessible from the client JS. Highly recommend using this option only in case it is necessary.


Always generate client_id parameter - when enabled, Data Client will generate 'client_id' if there is no such request. Use to set up UA or GA4 server-side.


Automatically prolong Data Tag Cookies - If enabled, Data Client resets cookies generated by the Data tag with an expiration time of two years. Use it together with the Data tag store feature.


Response settings:

Response body:

  • JSON object with timestamp
  • JSON object with Event Data
  • Empty


Send response body for GET request - By default, the answer is image pixel for the GET request type. More Info.


Accepted path settings - set request path that Data Client needs to process. 


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