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Create CAPI Gateway container

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Create CAPI Gateway container

  1. Open FB events manager -> Settings -> Click Choose a Partner -> Click Conversion API Gateway.


  1. Add your domain name -> Facebook will generate a subdomain for you -> Copy a subdomain, we will need it in the next steps -> Click next.


  1. In the deployment method, choose “Select your hosting region”-> Select your Amazon Web Services region -> Click Copy URL -> Save this URL, we will need it on our next step -> Click next.


  1. Go to your account -> Open CAPI Getaway tab -> Click Create.


  1. Paste the configuration URL you’ve copied on step 3 -> Add container name.


  1. It will take up to 30 minutes to deploy AWS for your Facebook conversion API Getaway. 

Once you see the CAPIG container running:

  •  copy Conversions Api Gateway Instance URL from admin and open in your browser.
  •  set up a DNS record for the subdomain. You should point A record of the subdomain that Facebook created for you and you’ve copied on step 2 to the IP address you see in the admin.



  1. Once you’ve added the DNS record you should see “DNS setup successfully” in the Facebook events manager -> Click Next -> Click Go to console -> Use login and password copied on step 5.


  1. You will have access to the admin with stats about FB CAPI requests.


  1. Once you’ve verified that everything works correctly, please add billing to the Facebook conversion API gateway costs $100/month for the unlimited number of pixels and domains. 

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