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sGTM Preview header config power-up

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The only alternative to see incoming webhook in the server GTM is the to use X-Gtm-Server-Preview HTTP header

1. Open the GTM server preview mode and copy the X-Gtm-Server-Preview HTTP header. Click three dots in the top right corner -> Click Send requests manually -> Copy the X-Gtm-Server-Preview HTTP header. 


2. Open your account -> Click Edit on the right side of the container -> Click header config in Power-Ups  -> Paste the X-Gtm-Server-Preview HTTP header that you’ve copied in the previous step -> Click save.

Знімок екрана 2024-03-15 о 12.41.55.png

Note: The X-Gtm-Server-Preview HTTP header is a dynamic value; it may be changed in a couple of days. Before testing the webhook, make sure that you’ve added an updated preview header. Once you’re done testing the webhook, make sure you remove the HTTP preview header from the admin console.





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