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Custom subdomain is not verified

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Domain verification takes up to 72 hours, although it often happens within a few hours if your DNS records are correct.


How to check my DNS records


You can check what DNS records you have by using this service:


Using it is super easy:

1) Specify your subdomain that you created for sGTM (without https:// and extra characters).

2) Select the desired record type you want to check.




Main reasons why a subdomain is not verified


1. Missing DNS records

Make sure that all required records are added. They may have been accidentally deleted by someone else.


2. Incorrect DNS records

If entries exist, make sure their values match those specified in your container on Stape.


3. Extra DNS records

Make sure there are no extra DNS records for your sGTM subdomain, only those specified in your container on Stape.

If, for example, you have extra AAAA records - this can interfere with domain verification, so you should remove them and leave only those specified in the 'Domains' section of your Stape container.


4. DNS records are proxied

If you are not using the 'Own CDN' option on Stape, make sure that proxying is not enabled for your sGTM subdomain DNS records.


Example if you are using Cloudflare. This is not correct:


This is correct:


5. Problems with CAA records


In this case, you will have a corresponding error displayed in the Stape interface.
You can find a solution to this error here:



Where can I find the DNS records I need


The DNS records you need to add are displayed in the 'Domains' section of your container on Stape.

You will need to add all the records listed here for verification to be successful.


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