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Logs are essential for monitoring data transmission, response codes, and processed parameters. This feature is crucial for identifying any potential issues with your network or external service providers.


The availability of logs varies by plan. Pro and Pro+ subscribers have access to logs from the past three days, while Business and higher-tier subscribers can view logs from the last ten days.


To access logs, open your account, navigate to your sGTM container, and select the 'Logs' option. You have the flexibility to filter logs by various criteria such as Client name, event name, status, and date.



There are four distinct categories of logs provided:

  1. Access Logs: These logs display the requests that your GTM server has received.
  2. Request Logs: These logs illustrate the requests your server has sent to platforms like Facebook or TikTok, but only if Stape tags are utilized.
  3. Response Logs: These logs reveal the responses your server has received from platforms such as Facebook or TikTok, applicable only with the use of Stape tags.
  4. Other Logs: These logs include those that don’t fit into the categories of Access, Request, or Response. An example would be logs generated by the Stape Logger tag.


A practical application of these logs is to verify the success of specific actions. For instance, you can check if all 'purchase' events sent to Facebook have received a 200 response code, ensuring that Facebook has successfully processed these events.


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