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All about Partner account

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According to our Partner program rules, the first level of the Partner program is for Agency accounts with more than 5 paid containers or $50 in monthly referral value.
For these partners, we offer up to 40% revenue share.

Please read the main info on how to become a Partner here:


Partner account interface looks like this:


Знімок екрана 2024-04-08 о 11.08.52.png



Here you can see all of the information about your Partner account summed up:

- how much you earn;
- your unique referral link;
- recent users;
- recent payouts, etc.


You can add a client to your dashboard by clicking:
- "Create sub account" (you will write client's email + create account on Stape for them)
- "Add user" (to add the existing user on Stape to your dashboard).


Section "Users"

Знімок екрана 2024-04-08 о 11.18.17.png

The client will appear in your dashboard with all of the available information about his container. 
The client is responsible for the billing of the container. 
You can access the client's container by clicking: "Request access" or "Login as user".

You can filter the users by clicking: "With exceeded limit" or "With error containers".


Section "Customer invoices"


Знімок екрана 2024-04-08 о 11.20.55.png


Here you can see the invoice history of the users. You can take a look at the receipt and invoice. 


Section "Commissions"


In the Commissions you may see all of the information available about your income.

partner 2.png


Monthly value - how much commission you usually receive during a month.
In review - the payment (from user's container) is processing. Every time the user renews the subscription you'll receive a payout.
Ready to payout - the most important section: when you see the amount more than 100$ you can click "Request a payout" (in the Payouts section). 
Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise - the amount of containers with these Plans.


In the dashboard you can see the users + their plan and how much you'll receive per each container.


Section "Payouts"

Here you may see the history of all the payouts. You can click the button Request a payout on the left.

You can set automatic payouts, by clicking the green button on the left. 

Знімок екрана 2024-03-07 о 12.19.01.png


Partner Info

Here you can see general info about your Partner account, the referral link and the Partner badge.

You can add the badge to your website. Let everyone see that we partnered up! 

Знімок екрана 2024-03-07 о 12.22.26.png


If you click on API section you will be redirected to Stape API: you can easily access data in a structured format. Here's more information: 

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