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Release Notes

  • Updated

[3.14] -11-06-2024


  • Table of content to Blog posts.


  • Bugs with CAA record validation.
  • Monitoring feature: New rule display added.
  • Issues with text editor in blog.
  • Monitoring & Store features are no longer in Beta.

[3.13] -16-04-2024


  • Yearly plan commissions for Partners.
  • Added sign status for Partner documents.


  • It is possible to add sub users with the same container names.
  • Partner flow of signatures improved.
  • Disable not paid CAPIG after trial.
  • Show partners badge without content page.


[3.13] -29-03-2024


  • Power-up icons are displayed near the container.
  • New section: Connections. Stape will handle your oAuth tokens for listed platforms there.
  • New and better Agency account UI.
  • Support of consent mode to all main tags.

[3.12] -13-03-2024


  • SOC 2 compliance badge.
  • Stape Digest mail: where we talk about the latest news.
  • All customers’ invoices are now available in the Partner account.


  • Issue with GA4 & Data client events in Monitoring feature.

  • Asian translations of Solutions tags and categories.

[3.11] -26-02-2024



  • TV with feature announcements, ISO/HIPAA/GDPR badges, API for all standard accounts, Support levels to admin, 

  • Updated: Solutions page, Hire us page, Pricing table, Partner onboarding process. 


  • Stape Store escape URL path and parameters UI. 

  • Preview header is disabled after 40 minutes. 

  • Retry charge button.

  • Redeploy of the containers ager adding Own CDN. 


[3.10] -30-01-2024


  • SDK, Case studies section and banner, renewed pricing table with support levels and new features, “last updated” section in blog posts.


  • Promo website fixes in mobile UI.


[3.9] -23-01-2024


  • New feature: Stape Store - a scalable NoSQL database that provides near-instantaneous read/write and sync functions of data in an sGTM container.

  • New notice: Cookie keeper power-up may not work correctly if you disable User ID power-up.

  • Now possible to filter logs by request url.

  • When using Own CDN, a CNAME record must be added.


  • Workspaces for partners/agencies are deleted and the users are transferred to dashboard.

  • Monitoring feature: fixed content and dropdown menu.

  • Updated Paypal information in Billing.

  • X-Device-Bot when User agent power-up is enabled now.

  • Transfer CAPI GW trial/subscriptions improvements.


[3.8] -28-12-2023


  • The new Monitoring power-up that allows tracking the performance and efficiency of your sGTM container and server-side tags.
  • Anonymizer power-up added to Stape Global.
  • Ability to filter container usage statistics by domain when using Multi-domain power-up.
  • Ability to show two records A and AAAA.
  • Ability to use custom data layer variable name in custom loader.


  • The notifications are assigned to a new user when the user transfers the container.
  • Now, it is possible to scroll request usage in the container.
  • Users in the workspace without shared billing can now turn on power-ups.
  • New cancel subscription reasons.
  • The preview header is now switched off automatically after 30 mins.


[3.7] -28-11-2023


  • No card needed when creating CAPIG container.

  • Partner commission for yearly plans.

  • Japan region for CAPIG.

  • Container identifier field to containers on user info page.


  • Notifications about unsuccessful payment when updating the plan.

  • Now autoupgrade button doesn’t work without a card.

  • Two subscriptions per one container/capig.


[3.6] -16-11-2023


  • “Hello partner” table in the Partner account UI with detailed information about the income.

  • New UI of tagging server URLs in the container settings + CDN improvements: new format of adding domains; domain limit added per container.

  • New automatic payout request page and button for Partner accounts.

  • Transfer CAPIG button: to share your CAPIG instance.


  • Power-ups issues (with schedule requests/file proxy/preview header).

  • Help link button in CAPIG setup banner design and link fixed.

  • Cancellation of CAPIG subscription: now there are no error message.

  • UI issues on new domain card: badges and design fixed.

  • Yearly subscription issue with dates.


[3.5] -02-11-2023


  •  New partner dashboard.


  • The UI of power-up pages.
  • Custom domain duplicated error.
  • Issue with editing a yearly subscription.
  • Subscription cancel reason for CAPI Gateway subscriptions is mandatory.


[3.4] -30-10-2023


  • All billing countries are now available for users.
  • Updated power-ups UI.
  • Ability to assign partners commissions using promo codes.
  • Ability to convert standard accounts to agency accounts.


  • Billing address autocorrection.
  • Cancel reason is mandatory when a user cancels a subscription.


[3.3] -19-09-2023


  • Conversions API Gateway for Stape Europe
  • News section on the site
  • Products: Apps, plugins and extensions


  • added payment screen after CAPIG registration
  • mobile layout


[3.2] -30-08-2023


  • the ability to add additional billing emails inside the stape admin. 
  • the ability to disable Anonimyser power-up.
  • timeout period for terminating a session within stape application for the end user.


  • the ability to add promo codes inside stape admin. 
  • change password link. 
  • show invoices for deleted containers. 


[3.1] -14-08-2023


  • added a new power-up open container for the bot index.
  • added recent payouts and recent users section for partner accounts. 
  • ability to create a container without the code. 
  • ability to buy a yearly CAPIG subscription. 
  • added XML to JSON power-up.
  • ability to pay using Apple Pay. 
  • added a new power-up User ID.


  • fixed verification of failed custom domain verifications. 
  • fixed ability to apply promo code.
  • dashboard view for agency and partner accounts. 
  • added new FPGCLGB, wbraid cookies to Cookie Keeper. 

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