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How to use Own CDN on Stape

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The option of using Own CDN helps, for example, to server your server GTM within the same IP as your website which prevents the latest WebKit version from decreasing first-party cookie lifetime


Below is an example of how you can configure Own CDN with CloudFlare. 

Please notice, that you can use any other DNS-provider and the Cloudflare here is just one of the examples.

1. Go to your stape container setting and select Own CDN.



2. Go to CloudFlare and configure CNAME record for the tagging server URL. Please make sure that Proxied is enabled. The setting should look like in the screenshot below. 



3. Go to the Rules -> Page Rules (1) inside your CloudFlare account. In the URL setting (2) add your tagging server URL ending with /*. Set SSL to Full (3) and Cache Level to Bypass (4). 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 15.14.29.png


4. Go to the Rules -> Transform Rules (1) inside your CloudFlare account. In the Modify Request Header section (2), create a new rule. If All incoming requests (3), then Set static X-From-Cdn = cf-stape (4).
Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 14.39.07.png

Also, please make sure that Web Application Firewall is set to off.

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