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Sendgrid tag

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Stape created a Sendgrid tag for the server Google Tag Manager container that simplifies Sendgrid integration. 


What do you need for Sendgrid tag:

1. Sendgrid account


Create a SendGrid account if you do not have one yet. A free account also works. 


2. Set up Your Domain or Email with SendGrid


You should configure the SendGrid email you want to send emails from. To do that, click "Settings" from the main menu -> select "Sender Authentication" from the dropdown. There are two types of Sender Authentication: Domain Authentication and Single Sender Verification. SendGrid recommends using Domain Authentication. For this type, you should verify your domain. Single Sender Verification requires email ownership verification. Sender identity type depends on email deliverability, so I recommend using Domain Authentication.


3. Sendgrid API Key


Create an API Key. We will need it later when setting up the SendGrid sGTM tag. From the dashboard, click “Settings” -> Click “Create API Key.”


4. Set up server Google Tag Manager container


Create and set up an sGTM container if you do not yet have one. Follow the steps from this blog post on setting up sGTM


Useful links:


  1. SendGrid tag on GitHub.

  2. SendGrid tag for server Google Tag Manager article.

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