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Mailgun tag

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Mailgun can be used to send emails in bulk or deliver transactional emails. Transactional emails are triggered after a user's action on the website or app. It can be user registration, forgot password, purchase, etc. 


To Simplify Mailgun integration to your website, we create a Mailgun tag for the server Google Tag Manager container that enables you to send transactional emails using customer actions on your site. 


Mailgun sGTM tag allows performing two actions: Send an Email or Add/Update a Contact.


API Key - use this link to find info on how to get an API key.


Domain Zone - select if you want to use the US or EU domain zone. 


Sending domain - specify your Mailgun sending domain


Add from email to email and email subject


Add email content - you can use constant or GTM variable.


Logs Settings - select if you want to use stape logs.


Useful links:


  1. Mailgun tag on GitHub.

  2. Mailgun tag for server Google Tag Manager.

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