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Mixpanel tag

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Mixpanel integration using server Google Tag Manager might be a good solution if you want to increase page speed and set cookies more accurately.


Mixpanel tag for sGTM can help you with these action types:

  • Track - tracks events in Mixpanel.

  • Alias - adds an alias to existing Mixpanel contact. Useful if you need to add a new identifier to the existing user.

  • Reset - resets identification of Mixpanel contact. You can use reset to manage multiple identities on the same device. When a user logs out, you can trigger a reset tag. It will reset the distinct_id and remove existing super properties. Mixpanel will treat subsequent events on the same device as performed by a new user.

Route data to Mixpanel's EU servers - select if you want to route data to the EU data centers. 


Automatically handle customer distinct_id - Mixpanel server API optimized for stateless shared usage; e.g., in a web application, the same mixpanel instance is used across requests for all users. Rather than setting a distinct_id through identity () calls like Mixpanel client-side libraries (where a single Mixpanel instance is tied to a single user), this API requires you to pass the distinct_id with every tracking call.


Send common data with request - Adds to track request user_agent, path, $current_url, $screen_width, $screen_height, $referrer, user ip, etc.


Get parameters from the variable - select if you want to extract any parameters from the sGTM variable.


Additional Parameters - select what other parameters you want to send and add Parameter Name and value.  


Remove parameters from the request - add parameters that you want to remove from the requests. Helpful in eliminating standard parameters like $current_url or IP.


 Logs Settings - select if you want to use stape logs to troubleshoot your setup.


Useful links:


  1.  Mixpanel tag for server Google Tag Manager.

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