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Twitter conversion API tag

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The Twitter Conversion API allows you to send information from your server directly to Twitter servers, which can be used to measure campaign success.


Stape Container API Key - find it in the sGTM container setting in your stape account. 


Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, OAuth Token, OAuth Token Secret - you can find it in your Twitter dev account after you’ve created a Twitter app. I will show you how to generate these later.


Pixel ID - Your Twitter ad account's Universal Website Tag (UWT) ID. To find it go to the Twitter events manager. 


Event ID - When creating a conversion API event in the Twitter events manager, you will find it.


Use HttpOnly cookies - Forbids JavaScript from accessing the cookie if enabled.


Server Event Data Override - select to override one of the standard server parameters: conversion time, number of items, currency, value, conversion ID, description, and contents. 


User Data - add user data: email or twclid.


Logs Settings - select if you want to use stape logs. 



So all you need to set up Twitter CAPI is: 


- Stape container API key;

- Consumer Key and Consumer Secret;

- Twitter ads CAPI access;

- OAuth Token and OAuth Token Secret.


Useful Links:


  1. Twitter conversion API tag for sGTM.

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