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Xandr tag

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Using Xandr's platforms, you can take advantage of every benefit of running campaigns across screens and tapping into engaged audiences to help your buyers and sellers solve their most difficult advertising concerns.


To make the Xandr integration easy for you, we created a Xandr tag for the server Google Tag Manager.


There are two types of events that Xandr tag supports: PageView and Conversion.

  • PageView event stores the token URL parameter inside the xandr_token cookie.

  • Conversion event sends the HTTP request with the specified conversion data to Xandr.


How to use the Xandr tag:

1. Create an Xandr pixel and add Page View and Purchase triggers.

2. Add the only required field for the conversion event - Pixel ID, other fields are optional.


Pixel ID - advertiser program ID.

Order ID - booking or transaction ID.

Total Order Value - value excluding taxes, delivery, and discounts.

Other - You can include an extra field to pass into your pixel and then see this data in conversion reporting.


Useful Links:

  1. How to set up Xandr tag using server Google Tag Manager.

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