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Outbrain s2s tag

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Outbrain server-to-server tracking helps improve the quality of data sent out, giving more precise information on how well campaigns are converted and a better source for data-driven advertising algorithms to learn.


The logic of Outbrain s2s tag for the sGTM container is simple: when the pageview event triggers, Outbrain pageview sGTM tag captures ​​Outbrain click-id from the URL and stores it in cookies. When conversion event triggers, conversion tag sends the conversion event to Outbrain together with event details. Conversion tag allows sending event name, order ID, order value, and currency code when a conversion event triggers. 


Useful links:

  1. Outbrain s2s tag template.

  2. How to set up Outbrain server-to-server tracking using sGTM.

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