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Taboola's server-side integration has several advantages over pixel integrations, including more accurate results, faster website page speed, and better data control. Taboola s2s integration can completely replace Taboola web Pixel. Meaning you can track any event on your website or app that you want to use for ad optimization and reporting in Taboola. Server to server conversions are also visible for reporting of ads manager. 


When a user clicks on your ad, the {click_id} parameter is generated in the URL. Our tag will store {click_id} inside the taboola_cid cookie. Using the Taboola tag for sGTM, you can set the lifetime of the taboola_cid cookie.

On a conversion event, we will send a request to Taboola Postback URL with the event data you added to the sGTM Taboola conversion tag. You can add event name, revenue, and currency.


Useful links:

  1. Taboola tag template

  2. How to use Taboola sGTM tag.



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