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Awin tag

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Awin tag for server Google Tag Manager container can significantly simplify server-to-server integration. There are two types of events that you can choose from: pageview and conversion. 


A pageview event tag stores the awc URL parameter inside the awin_ awc cookie. You can set how long cookies should be stored. The conversion tag sends the HTTP request with the specified conversion data.


In the conversion event tag, you can set:


Merchant ID - Awin advertiser program ID


Order Reference - The unique booking or order reference that identifies the transaction.


Total Order Value - The total booking or order value excluding taxes, delivery, and discounts. For a lead-based campaign or program, the value should be the number of leads; for example, "1". Tag will ignore the value if multiple commission groups are specified in the Commission Group Code field.


Currency Code - The value must be a 3-letter currency code per ISO standard (e.g., "GBP").


Commission Group Code - The code for the commission group you want to base the commission calculation on. The value can be either a single group name (e.g., "CD") or a complete set of groups and the commission value for each group (e.g., "CD:11.10|DVD:14.99").


Discount Code - The code or name of the discount code applied during the check-out.


Last Paid Click Referring Channel - The value utilized to determine how AWIN should process the incoming transaction requests. This is most likely configured to be the "utm_source" value.


In test mode - If checked, a tag will be fired in test mode, and a reported conversion will be ignored.


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