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The Stape Server GTM App simplifies user and conversion tracking on your website. It makes it simple to add a web GTM snippet onto any website page. It also enables ground-breaking server-side tagging technology to assure ultra-accurate user data and conversion tracking. All owing to its prolonged cookie lifespan, script resistance features that reduce the likelihood of third-party intervention, and secure transmission over dedicated server endpoints.

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Benefits of Stape Server GTM:

  1. Increases cookie’s lifetime.

  2. Makes tracking script invisible to ad blockers.

  3. Enriches data layer with e-commerce events and user data.

  4. Sends webhooks to server Google Tag Manager container.

  5. Adds web Google Tag Manager script to your site in no time.

Useful links:

  1. Server-side tagging for Shopify.
  2. Facebook conversion API for Shopify.
  3. How to set up Klaviyo for Shopify via server Google Tag Manager.
  4. Server-side Google Analytics 4 for Shopify.

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