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How Stape scales sGTM servers

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Your container adapts to your traffic volume at no cost.
When our monitoring systems see spikes in traffic we autoscale servers and add more CPU or memory.

Stape uses a different method of scaling compared to Google Cloud App Engine.
The cold boot of the new instance should be no more than 15 seconds.


On paid plans, you should never see outages as we support not only horizontal scalings like App Engine and Cloud run but also vertical scaling.

In case traffic increases very fast, we scale instances vertically, which is happening without any delays.

In parallel to vertical scaling, we also scale them horizontally.
So even if we need 10-15 seconds for provisioning new instances, you will not see downtime as we add more resources to current instances for some time.


If you've subscribed to the Pro plan, you will still pay USD 20 per month and receive more CPU/Memory when needed without any change in price whatsoever. Our billing system works entirely on requests.

*Please, notice that after three days of exceeding the request limit, your container will be paused till the next billing period.

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